The Stellify Award


The Stellify Award is an employability award supporting your career and personal development by formally recognising the extra-curricular activities you complete during your time at The University of Manchester. 

The award is designed to complement your studies, helping you gain real-world experience and develop key skills that employers want you to have. You’ll get the chance to enjoy new experiences, develop transferable skills and make your mark as a Manchester student. 

Upcoming events

31st May is the deadline for all activities to be recorded.

For volunteering make sure your hours are on Volunteer Hub.

For 'Step up and Lead' check with your supervisors that your activities has been uploaded onto your student record.

Make sure you have completed two Ethical Grand Challenges on Blackboard.

How it works

Everyone's Stellify Award journey will be different - giving you a unique and personalised set of experiences beyond your studies. The award is divided into three areas with the idea that by the time you leave Manchester, you will have made a real impact and gained a wide range of experiences that can help you stand out to future employers. As you graduate, you will not only have a Manchester degree, but be socially responsible, creative and globally minded.

Upon completion of the award, you will receive a certificate and your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will be updated to reflect your extra-curricular achievements. 

Understand the issues that matter

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Complete at least two Ethical Grand Challenge activities:

Sustainability Challenge
(Year 1)

Social Justice Challenge
(Year 2)

Workplace Ethics Challenge
(Year 3, final year)

Make a difference

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Complete 25 hours of volunteering which benefits the wider community:

Find a volunteering opportunity on Volunteer Hub or find your own.

You must record all your own volunteering activity on Volunteer Hub to count towards the award.

Step up and lead

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Complete two approved leadership roles (or one role for two years):

Peer Mentor (including the commuter peer mentor scheme)
PASS Leader
Peer Support Coordinator
AU Executive or Committee Member
AU Sports Coach or Session Leader
Student Rep and Schools Rep
Halls Exec Team Member
SU Club/Society Committee Member
SU Project Leaders
Non-Sabbatical Officer
Manchester Mates Peer Mentor
Nightline Volunteer
Moving On Group Facilitator
Physics Outreach Leader
Heartheroes Instructor
Wellbeing Champion
Volunteering Champion
Sustainability Champion
Entrepreneurship Champion
International 12 group
Accounting Coach Coordinator
LeadMCR Election Candidate
SALC Employability Champion

Get in touch 

Please email the relevant team with your enquiry or to check your progress:

Stellify Award:

Ethical Grand Challenges:


Sports volunteering:

Step Up and Lead roles: see contacts in individual Step up and Lead activities

University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL):



Try out a UCIL course

While it doesn't count toward the Stellify Award, take a look at our UCIL taster courses where you can learn from our academic experts on the most pressing matters facing our future alongside your degree. Find out more.