What is Stellify?

Stellify means 'to change, or be changed, into a star'. At Manchester, we want you to Stellify yourselves through our range of transformational academic and extracurricular activities, helping you to stand out and make a difference to the world.

We are the only university in the UK to have social responsibility as our core goal. This means we take our commitment to social responsibility seriously. That's why we provide everyone with opportunities to make a difference to the world, and allow them to choose their own way of doing so.

You will have the chance to graduate ready for the world of work, with soft skills honed through your own unique Stellify programme. Everyone's Stellify journey will be different - Stellify gives you a unique and personalised set of experiences beyond your studies. As a graduate, you will not only have a Manchester degree, but you will be adaptable, creative and globally minded.

There's also the chance for you to complete the Stellify Award - a mark of Manchester excellence.