How to achieve the Stellify Award

The Stellify Award is our most prestigious extra-curricular accolade for undergraduate students. It shows that you have gone above and beyond during your time at Manchester and it will help you stand out from the crowd after graduation.

There is no need to sign up to Stellify, however you do need to complete the following activities to help you gain The Stellify Award at graduation.

The 3 Stellify Award activities

From your first to your final year at Manchester, here is everything you need to do to achieve the Stellify Award:

Complete all three Ethical Grand Challenges:

 Sustainability Challenge

  • You will have the chance to complete the Sustainability Challenge along with 8,000 other first year undergraduates and take your first step to achieve the Stellify Award.
  • Please note: Students starting their degree in September 2020 will complete the Sustainability Challenge in their second year

Social Justice Challenge

  • The Social Justice Challenge will introduce you to ways of thinking about social justice and invites you to explore themes including race, migration, homelessness, mental health, higher education, and energy.
  • It takes just under an hour to complete and is delivered online, via Blackboard.
  • Please note: Students starting their degree in September 2020 will complete the Social Justice Challenge in their first year
  • Please note: Students who started their degree in Sepetember 2019 will complete the Social Justice Challenge in their second year

Workplace Ethics Challenge

  • Explore ethical dilemmas commonly faced by early career graduates, gain skills to improve your confidence and understand how you can contribute to creating inclusive, diverse and supportive workplaces by completing the Workplace Ethics Challenge.
  • The Workplace Ethics Challenge is the final Ethical Grand Challenge for year three to final year undergraduate students.
  • You'll have the chance to choose your own topic in a variety of sectors including children and young people, global, healthcare, and online or all sector.
  • You can attend one Workplace Ethics workshop and/or complete the challenge online.

Find out more about the Ethical Grand Challenges.

*Due to COVID-19 the total number of community-facing volunteering hours needed to complete “Make a Difference” has been reduced to 25 hours. The deadline for these to be recorded on Volunteer Hub (or in the case of SPORT volunteering on Volunteer Kinetic) remains 31st May”*

We have lots of volunteering positions available through our dedicated opportunities website Volunteer Hub.

Find out more about volunteering

Develop your leadership skills by undertaking two of the recognised roles:

  • Peer Mentor
  • PASS Leader
  • Peer Support Student Coordinator
  • Student Rep
  • Athletic Union Executive, Committee Member, Sports Coach or Session Leader
  • Students' Union Club or Society Committee Member
  • University Halls Residents Association or Junior Common Room Committee Member
  • Student Wellbeing Champion
  • Volunteering Champion
  • Peer Led Basic Life Support Instructor
  • Nightline Listening Volunteer
  • University of Manchester Physics Outreach Leader
  • Non-sabbatical Officer (also known as Part-time Officers)
  • Project Leader Role in SU
  • Manchester Mates Peer Mentor

Find out more about the leadership roles. Most leadership roles last for an academic year. You can complete the same role for 2 years.