Completing 25 hours of verified volunteering contributes towards the Stellify Award.

What do I need to do?

  • Complete 25 hours of volunteering, undertaken for the benefit of the wider community during your undergraduate career. This can be completed locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Find a volunteering opportunity on Volunteer Hub or find your own.
  • Volunteering that benefits other University students does not count towards this section but may be a recognised for 'Step Up and Lead.'

How do I show I've done it?

  • You must record all of your volunteer hours via Volunteer Hub, whether you found the role on Volunteer Hub or sourced it yourself.
  • If you applied for the role on Volunteer Hub, ask your organisation contact to add your hours on Volunteer Hub. These will go directly onto your account.
  • If you found your volunteering yourself, you will need to personally add them onto Volunteer Hub using the “Additional Volunteering” function. Your organisation will then be asked to verify the hours you have completed. You will be able to see they have done this as the status on Volunteer Hub will change from “pending” to “confirmed."
  • The only exception to this is volunteering as part of the Sports Volunteers Scheme which will be recorded separately by the SPORT team. 

What training do I need to complete?

  • You will need to undertake any training that is required for the volunteering role. However, training hours will not be included towards the 25 hours total.