Understand the issues that matter


Take on two out of three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st century - Sustainability, Social Justice and Workplace Ethics.

The Ethical Grand Challenges are interactive online and face-to-face activities that take place in each year of your study and give you the tools you need to become a more socially responsible graduate. You will learn to create a more sustainable world, tackle social injustices and navigate ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

Completion of two of three challenges also counts towards the Stellify Award for both undergraduate and Masters students.

Find your challenge 

How do I show I've done it? 

If you attend a face-to-face workshop  as part of the challenge, you need to sign the register on the day to prove that you attended. If you complete the online challenge in Blackboard, your participation will be verified by a short multiple choice quiz or series of tasks in Blackboard.