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Being a researcher doesn’t mean you’re immune to issues which could affect any student – accommodation problems, keeping safe in Manchester, having to interrupt your research to deal with the problems life can throw at you and much more.

  • The Student Support service has in-depth self-help advice and resources to get you to the support you need, quickly.
  • Your School or Faculty may have advice or a designated person to contact as a starting point for support, in addition to your supervisory team.
  • The Students’ Union Advice service can provide independent support on academic, well-being, finance and housing issues.

And if you don’t know where to start, face-to-face advice is also available throughout the year from the Student Support service in the Atrium – no appointments needed.

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Doctoral researcher support
  • Manchester Doctoral College
    As a postgraduate researcher at The University of Manchester you are part of the MDC research community which includes students, supervisors, administrators and external collaborators who all work together to improve facilities, locate accessible funding and improve the postgraduate research experience across the institution.
General student support
  • The Student Services Centre (no student web page)
    Different to Student Support (see above), the Student Services Centre deals with the admin side of student life, including any questions about tuition fees, registration, council tax, funding payments, immigration, visas or graduation.

    Their main base is on Burlington Street near to the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (number 57 on the campus map).
    The phone number is: 0161 275 5000 or email: (please include your student ID number in your email).

    Two satellite bases are t
    he University Place welcome desk (open 9am-3pm weekdays, able to produce letters for you and answer general enquiries) and the Barnes Wallis Student Hub in the North Campus (can produce students cards and letters for you, alongside answering general enquiries).
Language support

Thinking of changing your programme or leaving the university?
Most importantly, talk to someone - preferably your supervisor, or someone in your advisory team. If you're not sure, and don't want to alert them to the possibility of you leaving, get your facts and thoughts together using the resources below.
  • Policy on circumstances leading to changes to postgraduate research study
    In other words, if you think you may need to interrupt your programme, for whatever reason, be sure to read this policy and any relevant accompanying documents.
  • Leaving university accommodation
    In university accommodation and think you may need to leave early? Check out your responsibilities and liabilities first. (Counterintuitively, the link is on the "You've arrived" page, half way down!)
  • Careers Service or Student Support
    Think about talking through the implications of leaving with a Careers Consultant or one of the Student Support advisers. Many a "2nd year wobble" has been sorted by simply talking through the practicalities, the alternatives and how postgraduate research fits into what you want to do with your life.
Got a complaint you want dealt with?
  • Dealing with complaints
    Policies, procedures and support for you if you need to make a complaint about your programme or a University service
  • The Doctoral Academy has a Student Support Team, with a Student Support Administrator dedicated to each school, in addition to all the online information available about your training, your development and resources to support you.
    If you have any general support queries, please email the student support inbox on
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